States that Serbian citizens do not need visas: And if they need one, it is easily obtained

Look at the countries where you are free to travel to, and leave the excuses for some other time

Citizens of Serbia don't need visa for some countries, and they get it upon arriving in 98 countries. When you add the countries where you can travel with business visa which is easily obtained, the total number of states is 104. Look at the countries where you are free to travel to, and leave the excuses for some other time.

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Serbs are allowed to stay in the following countries:


Austria (90 days), Andorra (182 days), Armenia (120 days), Belarus (90 days), Azerbaijan (7 days), Belgium (90 days), Bulgaria (90 days), Bosnia and Herzegovina - can cross the border with ID card (90 days), Croatia (90 days), Cyprus (90 days), Czech Republic (90 days), Denmark (90 days), Estonia (90 days), Finland (90 days), France (90 days) Georgia (360 days), Germany (90 days), Greece (90 days), Hungary (90 days), Iceland (90 days), Italy (90 days), Latvia (90 days), Liechtenstein (90 days), Lithuania ( 90 days), Macedonia - can cross the border with an identity card (60 days), Malta (90 days), Monaco (90 days), Montenegro - without restrictions (identity card), the Netherlands (90 days), Norway (90 days), Poland (90 days), Portugal (90 days), Germany (90 days), Russia (30 days), San Marino (90 days), Slovakia (90 days), Slovenia (90 days), Spain (90 days ), Sweden (90 days), Switzerland (90 days), Turkey (90 days), Ukraine (30 days) and the Vatican (90 days).

Foto: Promo

Foto: Promo


Cambodia (30 days), Israel (90 days), Jordan (one month), Kyrgyzstan (30 days), South Korea (90 days), Japan (90 days), Laos (30 days), Lebanon (90 days), Macao (90 days), Maldive Islands
(30 days), Mongolia (at arrival), Nepal (150 days), Oman (30 days), Singapore (30 days), Sri Lanka (30 days), East Timor (30 days) and Turkmenistan (10 days).

Foto: Wikimedia/Nevit Dilmen

Foto: Wikimedia/Nevit Dilmen


Botswana (90 days), Burundi (at arrival), Cape Verde (at arrival), Sudan (7 days), Comoros (at arrival), Djibouti (90 days), Kenya (90 days), Madagascar (90 days), Mozambique (30 days), Niger (90 days), Scotland (90 days), Swaziland (30 days), Tanzania (90 days), Togo (7 days), Tunisia (90 days), Uganda (1 year) and Zambia (90 days).

Foto: Promo

Foto: Promo


Argentina (90 days), Dominican Republic (30 days after the arrival), Bolivia (on arrival), Brazil (90 days), Ecuador (90 days), Chile (90 days), Costa Rica (90 days), Cuba (90 days ), Dominica (21 days), Haiti (90 days), Jamaica (on arrival), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days), Peru (90 days), Trinidad and Tobago (30 days).

Foto: AP/Tanjug

Foto: AP/Tanjug


Cook Islands (31 days), Fiji (4 months), Federated States of Micronesia (30 days), Niue (30 days), Palau (30 days), Samoa (60 days) and Tuvalu (30 days).

With a business visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Serbian citizens can travel to the following 6 countries:

China (90 days), North Korea (90 days), Kyrgyzstan (90 days), Mongolia (90 days), Armenia (90 days), Azerbaijan (90 days) and Ukraine (90 days).


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