Life of a beautiful stewardess from Pancevo: I have enough money in Serbia, I travel because I can't stay still (PHOTO)

If you ever dreamed about becoming a stewardess, your desire will be even stronger after these pictures

Narasa Babic (23) from Pancevo is a proof that stewardesses are one of the most desirable women in the world. Now, thanks to the social networks, we can see how the life of this beautiful lady looks like. 

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Is there a girl who hasn't dreamed about becoming a stewardess?

Walking from one end of the world to another, one day sipping cocktails on the beach, on the second day shopping tour in the fashion capitals of the world, the third day of a new destination - and then again from scratch!

- I live in Muscat, in the country Oman and i have been working as a flight attendant for a year. I'm an ordinary girl, I'm happy to live in a country for which almost no one knows - Natasa said for our portal.

She adds that she had a great life in Serbia, but, as she said, she can't stand still.

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- Money is not important because i had them at home. My parents own a private company, so the money was never a problem. I wanted to be on my own and to start making money for myself. I am happy i managed to do so - she said and adds that she is happy with the wage, but she is not doing this job only for the money. Natasa's Instagram profile is full of beautiful scenes of her business life.

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So we can see on the picture that she is sipping cocktails in Zanzibar, and few days later she is in Milan.

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She is considered one of the flight attendants with the best photos on Instagram!

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Beautiful Serb managed to get more than 7.000 followers with her photos and the number keeps growing.

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