Girl from Vrsac tattooed the name of the Serbian president: Her tattoo is a hit on social networks (PHOTO)

Everybody has rights to the opinion, but political commitment is not expressed with threats - said Tijana

Tijana Stanimirov, Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) activist from Vrsac, caused a storm of comments with her tattoo on social networks. Tattoo "A. Vucic" on her hand, as she said, is a reflection her her respect towards the leader of SNS and the president of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic.

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She made a decision do get the tattoo two years ago, as she said for juznibanat.rs.

- Aleksandar Vucic and his politics encouraged me to join the party. His ideals about the modern, perspective and proud Serbia motivated me to be a part of a team where everybody want to do something for their country. His moves, speeches motivate you to move, to do something useful - adds Tijana.

Proud owner of the tattoo has a wish to meet the president, she is glad she received so many positive comments and that a lot o people share her opinion, and she answers on negative comments that it is a personal decision and that they don't interest her.

And there were some serious threats "we will rape you", "we will cut your hand and make a stew out of it". 

- That speaks more about them and the lack of culture and education. Everybody has rights to the opinion, but political commitment is not expressed with threats - said Tijana, who graduated from Pedagogical Academy.


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