"Mom, i am afraid they will send us to USA for the trial": Parents of the arrested young man on Zakynthos without consolation

- We barely collected the money to send him to the seaside because he got an allergic cough while working in "Philips", now we are powerless to help him... He wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone kill a man - said Jovanovic family through tears near Zitoradje

- He went to Zakynthos for treatment, we barely gathered the money to send him to the seaside because he got allergic cough while working in "Philips". How can we help him now, he is alone and scared, and there is nothing we can do from here - said Jasmina Jovanovic from village Recica near Zitoradja in tears, mother of the 22 year old Nenad who was arrested on this Greek island for suspicion that he participated in the murder of American tourist Bakari Henderson (22).

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On June 30, Nenad traveled to vacation with his friends Nikola Jovanovic from the same village and Sinisa Jovanovic from Zitni Potok.

- They payed for trip over some agency in Prokuplje, they were supposed to come back tomorrow... Tourist agency informed us that Nenad was arrested, they didn't know any other details.. He called yesterday and today, only for a minute, i guess as must as he is allowed. He said: "Mom, we are here, we don't know what is going on. I am afraid they will send us to America for the trial". I told him to be strong, to hold on and that we all hope the justice will will, that they will prove he is not to blame. He was just there when it happened. He wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone kill a man - worried woman points out.

Foto: Facebook/Nenad Jovanović

Foto: Facebook/Nenad Jovanović

Nenad's father Ljubisa is under a lot of stress, because, as he said, the arrested young man don't even have lawyers.

- My pension is 12.000 dinars, i had a heart surgery, wife is working in "Leoni", we don't have enough money to hire a lawyer who would go to Greece to represent our child. It breaks my heart because of him, he said to me: "I am sad that we are blamed and we did nothing", and he started crying. He is so strong, and when he started crying that means he is a really dire situation. We called the consul, he said he is doing everything to help, but that obviously is not enough. 

- Destiny, or what? He wanted to go to the summer over Nis agency, but his friends found an arrangement for Zakynthos, so he decided to go with them. If i knew what kind of place it was, i wouldn't allow him to go there. I never even heard about Zakynthos until this happened, that's when i found out what is going on there - said the worried father.

He adds that the fact Nikola Jovanovic, Nenad and Sinisa's friend, is free.

- He is helping them there, he buys them food because they are out of money. He should come home on Wednesday, so i guess we will know what happened with our child - said the parents.

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