Montenegrins finally admitted why they hire Serbs for seasonal jobs: You won't like the reasons why!

They are looking for us because we are a more diligent, disciplined and less demanding workforce, but not just because of that

There is a search for seasonal workers in Montenegro every summer. The employers are willing to employ Serbs and the Bosnians, mainly because they accept the conditions that the local population would never accept. 

150 euros a day to work in Germany, and no one wants it. Perhaps you want to do it?

The survey was conducted where 653 employers were questioned during 2016 and 2017 and the results showed that people of Montenegro search for foreigners because they are more diligent, disciplined and less demanding workforce. 

Employers have said that they rather take foreigners for workers because they are more diligent, disciplined and less demanding. They stressed that the fact that they are cheaper is not important.

Foto: Pixabay

They also say that they are bringing the workers from the neighborhood because there is not enough work force of the certain profile and that many local citizens don't accept offered jobs, writes Alo.

The survey showed that the most important reason for not enough workers is the lack of skills and experience.

- I have been a seasonal worker in Budva for years. I work as a maid in a private apartment and the working hours are from 7 am to 9 pm, although guests often ask for something outside working hours, to get something ready and to bring them - says Milica S. from Novi Sad.

- It's hard, but since I am 57 years old, I can not find a job in Serbia and therefore I have no choice. I have secured accommodation and one meal - she adds.

Seasonal work usually involves a period of three months.


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