The most famous Serbian warrior wounded in Ukraine (PHOTO)

Dejan Beric was, fortunately, hit in the leg

Serb Dejan Beric, who is fighting on the side of the uprising rebels in Donbas, was wounded on the front. 

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- Our brother and rebel Deki was wounded in the leg in the last battle. The bone was not hit. Deki is ours, real Serb. Real Russian - wrote the officer of the Donetsk People's Republic, famous writer Zahar Prilepin on his page on Facebook.

Beric himself published the status about his wounding earlier on his Facebook page.

He wrote that the God himself saved him and that he was lucky that no bones were damaged. He added that he will be out of service for a month.

Foto: Facebook/Dejan Beric

Dejan Beric is from Putinci near Ruma. 

Foto: Facebook/Dejan Beric

He went to this battlefield in 2014. Prior to that, he worked on construction sites in Sochi and in Adler on the Black Sea.


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