HISTORIANS DECIDED: Mystery has been finally solved weather "READY FOR HOMELAND" is Ustasha greeting

The Croatian rightists deny that this greeting has ever been Ustasha's

Šibenik, Hrvatska, grafit natpis Za dom spremni
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The anniversary of military-political operation "Storm" in Knin is marked this year, especially in Slunj on the concert of Croatian singer-songwriter Marko Perkovic Tompson, who glorifies Ustashas, where Ustasha greeting "Ready for Homeland" echoed. In Knin, however, where the 22nd anniversary of Storm was marked in the presence of the state top of Croatia, the police detained people shouting "Ready for Homeland" on the street.

Ustasha songs and shouting "Kill, Kill Serbs" marked Tompson's concert which was, of course, broadcast on television (VIDEO)

Index.hr portal writes that most of them who shout "Ready for Homeland" claim that it is not Ustasha greeting, but an "old Croatian greeting", which is in the HOS's coat of arms, otherwise properly registered with the state services.

This justification is explained by the mandatory conclusion that "the guys died in war" with that greeting since HOS was recognized as an official military formation of the Republic of Croatia.

Despite numerous evidence that the greeting "Ready for Homeland" was an official greeting of the criminal Ustasha movement in the quisling Independent State of Croatia, many rightists denied it, but not the former minister and former member of Croatian Democratic Union Zlatko Hasanbegovic.

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- Ready for Homeland, of course, a greeting which was the official greeting of Ustasha movement, there are no doubts about that. It was marked with many hypotheses and I do not see the reason why it should be used in modern democratic Croatia, or any other slogan, which comes from the failed communist Yugoslav legacy or the heritage of the Ustasha movement and the Independent State of Croatia - said Hasanbegovic earlier.

Hasanbegovic was equally clear recently, at the renaming of the Market of Marshal Tito, organized by the Serbian Business Society "Privrednik" and the Council of the Serbian National Minority of the City of Zagreb.

- I don't see any reason to use the greeting "Ready for Homeland" in Croatian public life, which is not the ancient Paleo-Croatian greeting in my opinion but it clearly came from the heritage of the Ustasha movement - said Hasanbegovic.

According to the Zagreb portal, he not only clearly positioned the "Ready for Homeland" call as a Ustasha product, but at the same time he denounced all the shameless counterfeiter rightists talking about the "old Croatian greeting".

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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