Citizens slept in their cars because of fear: Series of earthquakes struck Croatia, Kvarner was shaking till morning

The Epicenter was four kilometers north of Omisje on the island of Krk, 15 km southeast of Rijeka

The area around Rijeka was stuck with another earthquake of moderate magnitude on Tuesday evening in 22:42. About an hour later, more precisely at 23:54, seismographs recorded a new earthquake of 3.3 degrees on Richter scale, and then, in about four in the morning, a new quake with the epicenter at Selce with the 2.9 degreesEarly this morning, around 6:30, another quake was recorded south east from Crikvenica with the epicenter of 2.2 degrees on Richter scale.

RIJEKA WAS SHAKING, TWO STRONG EXPLOSIONS SOUNDED: Earthquake of 4.1 degrees on Richter scale struck the nearby islands as well 

Besides Rijeka, earthquake of 3.9 degrees on Richter was felt in the cities in the wider area, writes "Slobodna Dalmacija". The Epicenter was four kilometers north of Omisje on the island of Krk, 15 km southeast of Rijeka.

The quake lasted several seconds and a part of the people claim that there was noise, some even say it was like an explosion. 

However, even though the citizens are stressed, there is no data about any damage.

"Tourists are confused and scared

Worried readers of Index called because Kvarner was shaking the entire night, and many of them couldn't sleep.

"I am calling from Klim, the ground is shaking the entire night, on every 30 minutes, the stronger one was in 4:04. Terrible, I am afraid to fall asleep, tourists are confused and scared", wrote one reader of "Index".

"Tumult could be heard and felt the entire night, with occasional stronger shakes, and they still last, somewhat weaker, it's very unpleasant", wrote one reader who is on Krk.

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"After those unpleasant two hours of waiting and listening, and then again this morning around 1:40, then in 4:00 onwards, continuous shaking of the ground like a sinister thunder of different intensity", wrote a reader who is in Dramlje near Crikvenica.

"The ground is continuously shaking since the stronger quake around 22:40. Stronger short vibrations could be felt on every hour", a reader from Jadranovo.

Few readers of "Index" said they slept in their cars out of fear. 

We remind you that a pretty strong quake was felt yesterday in 11:35 Rijeka, the epicenter was 18 kilometers away from the third largest city in Croatia and it was 4.1 degrees on Richter scale.


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