Earthquakes of 6 degrees on Richter scale are threatening Serbia: Seismologists are warning about the quakes

Being prepared can't hurt

The entire region has been shaking for three days. Seismologists claim that the quakes that are hitting our region are normal, but Serbia is in danger from a stronger earthquake. Even stronger than the one that was 6.6 degrees on Richter scale. 

Fifth earthquake in just two days: a 2.8-degree earthquake hit Rijeka

Branko Dragicevic, deputy director of the Republican Institute of Seismology of Serbia, reports "Alo!", said that seismic danger on the territory of Serbia exists and that it has always been the same - the strongest earthquake could happen in the central part of the state, but it wouldn't be stronger than 6 degrees on Richter Scale. Of course, no one can predict where will it happen and when.

-Being prepared can't hurt. After the series of earthquakes in Croatia, one occurred in Serbia two nights ago, which was felt in 23.17, local time. It was a quake 15 kilometers south from Alibunar, in Banat, with 3.8 degrees on Richter scale.

It couldn't cause great material damage, and it was felt in Vrsac, Pancevo, even in Belgrade suburb Karaburma, from where a man contacted us. We couldn't locate all the earthquakes in Croatia, only four, which is put on our website. We register only the stronger ones. Yesterday, we noted the earthquake in the Adriatic sea, close to Neum - explains Dragicevic.

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His Croatian colleague Tomislav Fiket said that those kind of situations that happened close to Rijeka, are not unusual, but further events can't be foreseen.


Branko Dragicevic earlier explained that 1.500 earthquakes are registered per year in Serbia, and 2.500 from nearby surroundings, but many of them can't be felt by a man, only by instruments.

- The seismic danger to Serbia is present and constant. In the last hundred years, there have been about 40 earthquakes of more than five degrees of Richter, and it is assumed that the greatest earthquakes in the future will be up to six degrees in our country - he said.

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