The exact date when the drivers will be fined everywhere on the highway for speeding is revealed

The average speed is calculated based on the time of entry and the time of departure of the vehicle from the toll booth

Issuing penalties for the drivers on all sections of the highway for excessive speed will definitely start on October 1st, Telegraf finds out.

Turks are the most reckless drivers through Serbia: This one was driving at the record speed of 224km/h, and now he will get a serious fine

For now, only those drivers who exceed the allowed 120 kilometers per hour on the highway Sid-Simanovci are finned. Nevertheless, there is a lot of tolerance there as well so the tickets are going only to those whose average speed was over 125 km per hour.

Measuring of the average speed of all cars in highway began at the end of July.

In the mean time, drivers only received receipts on toll booth with their average speed, and they were not fined.

The charging began at the start of this month, on Monday, 4th September, on the mentioned section.

Already existing system to charge for toll is used to measure average speed between two toll booths, and not cameras. It is a system that calculates the average speed based on the time of entry and the time of exit from the road.

24 drivers were fined on the toll booth Simanovci yesterday, and 21 of them were foreigners.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Lj. R.)

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