This is what Tito told to every student in Yugoslavia (PHOTO)

At the beginning of every student report book, there was Tito's motivational message

Generations born in the 60s and 70s agree that life in former Yugoslavia was phenomenal. Among other things, this was related to education that was free for everybody, and the president of the SFRY, Josip Broz Tito, had a motivational message for all pupils.

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Namely, at the beginning of every student report book, there was Tito's motivational message:

"Learn well and listen to your teachers. They want to create a good, enlightened citizens of our country from you. Strive to be better. Those who have difficulties learning should invest a bit more effort, so they will too accomplish good success. You have to be persistent in your work; if it's not enough to learn something in one hour, learn it in two or more, but always learn it well. Learn hard and serious, because knowledge has great importance for the citizens of a socialist country like our Yugoslavia.

Keep in mind that you have great obligations towards socialist Yugoslavia. Always remember that together with the old, the youth of fifteen or more years fought and consciously went to death, they charged to the most difficult battles, without thinking if they will return alive. Our people gave their lives to enable better life to the future generations. Don't ever forget that have an urge to repay to those victims by studying and by becoming a conscious citizen of socialist Yugoslavia", that was written in the student's report books of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

What do you think about this message, do you agree with what is written in it? You can leave your answers in the comments!

Foto: Reddit/afteryouvegone


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