BOSNIAN PYTHON: Children entered the gym hall and they found a several meters long snake! Then they did something they shouldn't! (VIDEO)

They say that there are green surfaces on the outer sides of the walls, so the snake could have come from there or the sewers

Students of the Musa Cazim Catic Elementary School, located in the Sarajevo municipality Centar, were surprised when a giant snake greeted them in the gym. It has been confirmed from the school that a few meters long snake was immediately caught and that nobody was injured.

Boy (12) is a hero of Balkans: Little one killed a 1.2-meter long snake by himself in order to save his friends!

The snake was noticed a few days ago, and parents of a student who noticed the snake reacted, and they were told from school that they will monitor the situation and react if it appears again.

It was again noticed in the gym, and it was transferred into the water after that.

- The Pest Control Service was called, we expect them to do their part of the job. The classes in the gym have been suspended, and we will also hold the session of Parents council to see what to do next. We regularly do deratization, but this is an extraordinary occurrence - they told Klix.ba from the school.

They say that there are green surfaces on the outer sides of the walls, so the snake could have come from there or the sewers.

Fatima Prohic, Principal of the elementary school, told N1 that the school janitor and basketball players who were at that moment in the hall thought that the snake was harmless and therefore they dared to remove it from the hall.

Although snakes can be very dangerous, those who found it, according to the video, were not scared.

Some media report that two snakes were found in the center of Sarajevo, while some say that it is the same snake that has returned to the mentioned primary school.

This case caused fear and discomfort among citizens, and epidemiologist Sefik Pasagic feared that there could be more cases like this. 

- The problem is not solved! It will continue to happen if the weather remains like this because snakes do not have a natural enemy, there are many rodents, pest control has not been carried out since last year, they have food and all conditions favor them both for breeding and for habitation in the city - said Pasagic.

It should be noted, it is unusual to see snakes in the city, especially during the day.

- But their number is so high that they are already seen during the day - said Pasagic, but also noted that it is tricky to say what kind of species of snakes they are.

No matter if they are venomous or they don't cause discomfort and fear with people, said Pasagic, adding that this is the especially case when it comes to long snakes near places with children and homes. 

About the snake that was seen in school, the company that is conducting pest control should go to that place, to determine if it is just one or many snakes, a protective circle should be made which would stop the infestation of snakes - he said.

He added that the pest control was probably done only at the coasts of Miljacka, so he is afraid that these cases will appear again.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Klix.ba / Tanjug)

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