Teme: Competition

Prepared for the new flights: Ivana Spanovic motivated into the new season! (VIDEO)

RUSSIANS, CARRY THE SERBIAN FLAG: Genious suggestion of Russian fan, after banning their flag at the stands!

Good draft for Novak in Melbourne: First troubles in quarterfinals, Federer in semifinals! Nadal is in other part of the draft!

Novak Djokovic withdrew from the tournament, he postponed the start of the season due to injury!

Red Star against CSKA, Partizan against Victoria Plzen: First reactions to the draw for the knockout phase of Europa League!

All potential rivals of Red Star and Partizan in the knockout phase: Atletico, Milan, Lazio...

The sexiest fitness doctors in Serbia, Maja and Marija: Who would you choose to treat you? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

They are geniuses and the pride of Serbia! Our students are officially the best robotics engineers in the world

TERRIBLE TRAGEDY! One of the most beautiful Serbian champions has died! And the most famous bodybuilder in the country has lost her life in a severe accident! (PHOTO)

Milos won the title of the best chef in the world: Triumph of the chefs from Serbia, he was better than 300 colleagues from 35 countries at the gastronomy competition (PHOTO)

SARA CAUSED A BOOTYQUAKE ON BALKANS: Everybody attacked her for her provocative moves, these are her brutal answers (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

CHOSE THE MISS OF INTERNET: Vote for the most beautiful Serb from social networks! (PHOTO)

The most beautiful Bosnian is conquering the world: This beauty became the Miss of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and her Instagram photos announced her victory (PHOTO)

Dejan took a deep breath and jumped out of the plane: The beauty he saw could be only recorded by GoPro camera (VIDEO)

Serbia is the only country that has village OLYMPIC GAMES, and they look amazing! (VIDEO)

Ivana from Belgrade has set a record in laziness competition in Montenegro: She couldn't go to the bathroom, she was lying for 39.5 hours (PHOTO)

"Village party" to remember: People of Kikinda broke records in old Serbian games, and one discipline has delighted everybody (PHOTO)

EVERYTHING IS CLEAR: Here are the potential rivals of the Red Star and Partizan in the Europa League

Great victory of athletic queen Ivana Spanovic: Klishina threatened, but the Serb celebrated on exciting rally of Diamond league! (PHOTO)

Milena (19) will go to college without entrance exam. No, she doesn't have a connection, she has awards from 5 state competitions

Serbia needs people like this: Marko plays piano, violin, guitar, and now he won in Computer music on international competition!

If i won't play tennis, nobody is going to stop me: When Novak remained alone with Serbian reporters, he completely opened his soul (VIDEO)

Oxford is giving 5 scholarships, and Serbian geniuses got three! Katarina, Vuk and Milena are our greatest pride!

These boys are ingenious: They came up with a box of medications that sends a text message if you forget to drink them! (PHOTO)

The best Croatian soldier celebrated for the prize he received, and he accidentally hit Kolinda in the head (VIDEO)

These girls from Nis are going into fire to save people: When people see them on the street, they shout "extinguish me!" (PHOTO)

NEVER MORE DRAMATIC: Tijana did not make it, Serbia without the "Eurovision" finals, Croatia advances! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

They sent photos for the prize trip to the Croatian islands, and they did not see the insolence behind the pillar (PHOTO)

Hero with no hands amazed Balkans: Six year old Ismail won golden medal in swimming (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

If Djokovic sees this video, I will surely win: Gorgeous Tara (11) acts, dances, plays piano, and suffers from a very rare disease (PHOTO) (VIDEO)