President Vucic speaks from New York: We'll make important decisions and inform citizens in coming days

Aleksandar Vucic is attending the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations

Photo: Tanjug/Tara Radovanovic

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic was on RTS last night, speaking from New York City where he is attending the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations.

Vucic first said that the situation in the world is even more difficult, and that the fact that the UN plays a weaker role further complicates that situation.

"Great powers took everything upon themselves and de facto destroyed the UN order of the previous decades. I don't remember such a big gathering here. It means that people are looking for some way out and some hope. If you listened to Turkish and Kyrgyz presidents, you understood there are crises in every part of the world. In the next seven to ten days, we will make important decisions which we will introduce to the citizens, and I believe that during the next week I will come forward with certain plans," said the president.

Regarding President Vladimir Putin's address, which was expected last night after Vucic spoke for RTS, the Serbian president said that it was not difficult to guess what the Russian leader would say.

"I assume that we are approaching a major military conflict, moving away from the special operation phase, and now the question is where the boundaries are and whether after a month or two we will go into a major world conflict, the kind we have not had since the Second World War. For all of us, small countries, there are no nice and easy news, and I expect that all we will see will be a further complication of relations between the West and Russia and China," he said.

The president added that he is trying to find a rational position for Serbia, and that for several months there has been information circulating that Pristina will join the UN, while that story has been released again these days.

"This is additional pressure on Serbia, to accept a paper that I did not take. It is clear that some other side released it to the public. I have very good news for the citizens of Serbia. At one of the meetings that was not covered, I received another note about a withdrawal of recognition of Kosovo. We work and keep quiet, but when they start looking for membership in some institutions, that's the moment they will be surprised by the number of countries that do not accept it," said Vucic.