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Red Star with empty stands until the end of the championship?!

One of the possible sanctions for the organizers of the 148th Eternal Derby

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FK Crvena zvezda - FK Partizan, 148 derbi

Foto: Telegraf

Thursday marks the day of sentencing, when the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association of Serbia will set penalties on the occasion of major riots and incidents on the 148th eternal Derby (0: 0) played on Saturday.

It began with brawls between Partizan fans and police in the South stands, followed by conflict between supporters of the black-and-whites and Red Star in the east, culminating in the North, where the Red Star supporters clashed with members of the Gendarmerie, throwing chairs of the stadium club they so desperately love.

The brutal snapshot of the Derby originated from this video: Girlfriend begs her bleeding boyfriend to move away from the stands! (VIDEO)

- I submitted an application in light of poor organization, trouble in the crowd ... I think that all those who want good soccer, share my opinion, and that is, so long as the state does not hit their fist firmly on the table, we'll have riots and images that we all saw now, but earlier as well - said "sport" Director of Superleague Vladimir Bulatovic.

What is certain is that  the Red Stars are certainly awaiting a monetary fine, and the playing of the remaining matches at Marakana (Rad, Radnicki Kragujevac and Mladost) are not ruled out without the presence of the audience.

- None of the administration, players, or  professionals wanted this to happen, and it turns out that only they are the victims. And what's worse, things are repeating themselves, not only in this case, but in general. This is proof that punitive measures have no effect on eliminating hooliganism - said Bulatovic.

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When it comes to experience with the chaos from the 145th, and 146th Eternal Derby, both Red Star and Partizan were punished.


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