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DRAMATIC: One million refugees are rushing toward Serbia! A Humanitarian catastrophe is looming

More than a million refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Irak are headed to Serbia via Turkey and will soon cross our border

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More than a million refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are headed to Serbia via Turkey and will soon cross our border! This dramatic warning was issued by the Commissariat for Refugees, who points out that if the international community does not help, Belgrade will not be able to cope with the influx of so many people!


We were in a litter of asylum seekers in the center of Belgrade: Here's what we found there (PHOTO) (VIDEO)


In recent weeks, tens of thousands of migrants have already crossed the Serbian-Macedonian border with a goal to get to Western European countries. Endless columns of people have been observed in Turkey, in addition to the announcement of Hungary that with its creation of a wired fence it will close the Serbian border threatens to trigger a humanitarian disaster.


BELGRADE IN ARABIC: Due to the vast number of asylum seekers, caterers write inscriptions in their language! (PHOTO)


 Foto: Marko Todorović

Foto: Marko Todorović


- Serbia is on the attack of millions of people who have left their country and we can not deal with this alone. Migration can not be stopped in Serbia, as it has not even begun. We need food aid, medicines, money and technical equipment - says the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Affairs Aleksandar Vulin.


Hungary raises a fence of four meters on the border with Serbia!


In the recent days in Serbia, there has been a sharp increase in the number of migrants which is clearly seen on the streets of Belgrade that are flooded with Syrians and Iraqis. They lie in the parks exhausted from walking, they are also in stores where they restore their ruined clothes along the way, while others arrange transportation to Hungary.


(Telegraf.co.uk / Informer)

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