Drama of a Red Star player onboard an airplane: He barely "survived" the flight to Kazakhstan

The red-and-white players had a long flight, and seven hours in the air were not pleasant for everyone

A tough flight is behind the Red Star players who flew almost 5,000 kilometers to play the second leg of qualifications for the Europa League.

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A little more than eight hours of travel, with an unnecessary break in Baku due to the failure to get certain permits, wore out the red-and-whites. Petar Orlandić took it the hardest. The reason - fear of flying (aerophobia).

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- It's true. I have a fear of flying and long trips. When I fly short distances, for example to Podgorica, then it is not a big problem - said Orlandić for Telegraf and added:

- Upon entering the airport, I'm already queasy. Now I managed to sleep half the flight, and what's most important is that we landed here to win.

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Foto: crvenazvezdafk.com

Foto: crvenazvezdafk.com

The optimism does not subside, eventhough Red Star has a two goal deficit from Belgrade.

- Nothing is over yet. An early goal can open the game and turn things in our favor - said Orlandić who arrived to crack a joke:

- If we win now, nothing else will matter. Neither the fear of flying when we go back.


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