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INFECTED MIGRANTS ESCAPE FROM QUARANTINE: Is tuberculosis threatening Serbia?

The Special Hospital for lung, eye diseases and tuberculosis' 'Ozren'claim that they only had one migrant who is ill with tuberculosis, and that he interrupted treatment on his own merit

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Several migrants suffering from tuberculosis, according to "Nase Novine" that our health authorities accommodated in the Special Hospital "Ozren", not far from Sokobanja, fled from those health facilities.


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According to a source from "Nase Novine", four migrants escaped, even though their medical condition has required constant medical care in that institution which, among other things, is specialized for the treatment of tuberculosis. Also, they are potential carriers of the disease to other people.


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- Our health workers have done all in their power to provide them with the necessary medical care, both for them and for other migrants, so as not to spread tuberculosis. They were placed in "Ozren", where doctors have taken all necessary precautions in their treatment. However, even though their health is seriously impaired, they left the treatment on their own, which, in truth, no one has the right to ban them, but there is a risk of spreading the disease - said a source from "Nase Novine" in health circles.


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Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič


The Special Hospital for lung, eye disease and tuberculosis "Ozren", claim that they only had one migrant who is ill with tuberculosis, and who stopped treatment on his own.


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- It is a Pakistani who was brought to us from the Institute for lung diseases and tuberculosis in Belgrade. He was sensitive to tuberculosis. After a month or two, he decided to leave the hospital. We have no right to force anyone to stay, and patients are entitled to a personal request to leave the facility and therefore discontinue treatment, which we immediately inform the competent authorities - said a spokesperson from "Ozren".


As experts say, this sort of thing would not produce panic if tuberculosis was not an infectious disease that spreads easily and rapidly expanding into collectives, and migrants are usually in such an environment.


Tatjana Radosavljevic, Primarius PhD, pneumophysiologist recalls that this contagious disease is transmitted through droplets, if someone coughs, sneezes, speaks, spits, and even when he sings.


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Foto: Tanjug/Dimitrije Nikolić

Foto: Tanjug/Dimitrije Nikolić


- An act of sneezing can produce up to 40,000 of these drops. Sensitive tuberculosis is treated for six months, fortunately, it is not the biggest problem, but it is multiresistant not responding to at least two drugs, and super-resistant, which is close to the incurable - Radosavljevic explained.


In response to how dangerous is the fact that migrants interrupted their treatment, Tatiana said,


- They come from places where we do not know whether they were ever vaccinated, and each interruption of treatment can lead to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Also, it is very dangerous because there is a greater incidence in closed accommodation. For example, the rate of incidence of TB in prisons is much higher than in the general population.


According to "Nase Novine", malaria has also been registered among migrants residing in Serbia. They were not infected here, but they brought it from their region, and fortunately no one was hospitalized, and is not in mortal danger.


(Telegraf.co.uk/ Nase Novine)

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