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PIROT, SJENICA, CRNA TRAVA... ASYLUM SEEKERS might settle in these places! And here are some other places worth mentioning

Ivan Marinkovic from the Center for Demographic Research, as possible locations to which migrants could settle alleged Southeastern Serbia, Zlatibor District, Sjenica, Crna Trava, Pirot, North Banat

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The Commissioner for Equality Brankica Jankovic said that migrants should be offered to permanently settle in municipalities that are not populated.


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Many believe that there are plans for Serbia to become the largest asylum center in Europe. However, there are those who believe that Serbia may benefit from the situation.


- Consideration should be given, to offer an option for those people to remain in parts of Serbia that are less populated. A selection should be made, and a detailed assessment of safety - says Jankovic.


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There is a drastic population decline in northern Banat, but also in the east and south of Serbia. These areas are prepared to receive large numbers of migrants, but Serbia has nothing to offer them.


Foto: Marko Todorović

Foto: Marko Todorović


- Our age structure is such that the situation is unbearable, and many do not realize that migrants are our only chance. They would help its rejuvenation and renewal, and provide a chance for economic activity to sustain, if not increase. Consequently to the pension system, which is based on solidarity, and with our age structure being unsustainable, because there will be nobody to work for a large number of pensioners, making it again viable - explains Ivan Marinkovic, from the Centre for Demographic Studies.


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As possible locations to which migrants could settle, Marinkovic alleged Southeastern Serbia, Zlatibor district, Sjenica, Crna Trava, Pirot, North Banat.


He also noted it is ungrateful to talk about it because nobody can force them to settle there.


Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf


Analyst Dusan Janjic also believes that the settlement of migrants is favorable for Serbia.


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- If immigration is managed, it can only bring good to Serbia, which lacks skilled and unskilled labor. Secondly, we are at a state of biological extinction, our villages are empty. Third, if you aspire to EU, more people will be living in Serbia. If we devise a good strategy like German, American, Australijue - the number of people, race, religion, qualifications and age we need, it will be in our favor. Not to mention that migrants who come are not merely poor, but have the potential to start a business. It is just crucial not to do anything ad hoc - said Janjhić.


Foto: Wiipedia, Telegraf

Foto: Wiipedia, Telegraf


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