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This is how Belgrade will say good-bye to the great David Bowie!

As a part of this homage, residents of Belgrade will be able to see a photo exhibition made by Bowie's official photographer Brajan Rašić

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City of Belgrade will pay its tribute to the deceased David Bowie by an homage which is going to be held in Belgrade Kinoteka - said city manager Goran Vesić after the meeting with the organizers of the show Barbara Garčević and the producer Sergej Trifunović.

David Bowie dies of cancer at 69

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- Belgrade has always been the capital of the region and the city other states look up to. That is why we are so proud to have a special tribute to Bowie which will last from May 5 up until august in the Belgrade Kinoteka.

As a part of this homage, residents of Belgrade will be able to see a photo selection made by Bowie's official photographer Brajan Rašić who spent a couple of years working with this artist.

The whole installment is part of the wish to preserve those moments.

Apart from that, the citizens will be able to see the exhibition of the works dedicated to Bowie or inspired by his work, a series of movies where he starred, and the Academic park there will be a concert where numerous artists will play his songs - said Goran Vesić and expressed his  gratitude to Barbara Garčević and Sergej Trifunović for the idea.

Vesić emphasized the fact that the part of the photo exhibition was supposed to me  presented in Belgrade 2 years ago, and that Bowie himself took part in selecting some of the photos.

- People here will have the exclusive chance to see the photos taken at his last concert Bowie was a key figure for my generation through music and education. His music taught us about the world and how to move boundaries. I believe that this exhibition will be a right opportunity to present his line of work to some other, younger generations. I am very proud that Belgrade will host this event, because our city has always been the place where artists were welcome and this city has created trends for other s to follow - said Vesić and stated that he is sure that thousands of people will visit the installment.

Sergej Trifunović, the producer of the show, expressed how happy he is that the City Council accepted this kind of show so quickly.

- I want to thank the city of Belgrade for accepting this opportunity to organize this tribute because there is no city in this part of Europe that has more credits to make this than us. I hope that this performance is the sign that our city is making a big comeback to the art world and that we will be the city where vanguard artists can express themselves, like it was during the 1990s. The homage will last 3 months and the citizens of Belgrade, along with the tourists, will have the chance to see something every day and I sincerely believe that we will repay Bowie for everything he has done not just for the music, but also movie and culture generally - concluded Trifunović.


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