The salary here is 20.000 Euro, you have a 3-month-vacation, but still, NO ONE WANTS THIS JOB!

It has been four moths since no one applied for this job position, and there are a lot of people looking for the exact job...

In the city of Tocoroa, placed in the idyllic part of the New Zealand Northern island, there is a unbelievable job offer which no one wants to take.

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Even though the projected salary per year is 240.000 Euro, even though you have 3-month-vacation, weekends off, it has proven really difficult to find a right person for the job.

Co-owner of the hospital Dr Allan Kenny (61) presented this job at the Surgical department in the city, and he added that he was unable to find an intern for the last two years.

This city is really small, the populace being only 13.600, so it is expected not to have so much job.

- I love this work and I want to continue doing it, but I am literally breaking my head against the wall trying to find someone with whom I will share the obligations - said this doctor who has 6.000 patients on his waiting list.

Dr Kenny is desperate because he has not been on a vacation for years because he was unable to find a replacement.

- I can offer an intern more than regular salary. The hospital has been working solid, but in  the last couple of years the interest of the patients has spiked. Naturally, I make more money, but this is too much for me - concluded Dr Kenny.

The reasons for the lack of interest for the job position are mainly the isolation of the location, bad education system, and rural surrounding.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Source: independent.co.uk)

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