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UNSEEN FOOTAGE! We went through the tunnel in Marakana with players of Red Star and Partizan FC to the derby (VIDEO)

We turned on the camera in the tunnel in Marakana and we waited the football players just before the start of the match. This is how they trip to the field below the north grandstand looked like

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Have you ever wondered what happens in the tunnel before the eternal local derby  and how football players of FC Red Star and Partizan FC look and act before they go out to the field in front of Delije (supporters of Red Star) and Grobari (supporters of Partizan FC)?

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Telegraf brings you exclusively a video never seen until now on a derby, where players were shown as they go through the tunnel.

We walked side by side with captains Aleksandar Lukovic and Sasa Ilic, they took their players with them to the grass of Marakana stadium, and then we were just behind the coach of Red Star Miodrag Bozovic.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

In contrary to the anxiety that was more than obvious on the field, in the tunnel everything was quiet. Nobody was talking. On the faces of players we could see that some were relaxed with smile on them, while someone were under tension or "fired up to the max" or just "deadly serious".

Watch in the video how everything took place, from the moment stepped in the tunnel, until they walked out below the North side, below Delije Sever while they were singing their songs.




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