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MONTENEGRO WANTS TO SEARCH FOR OIL IN ADRIATIC SEA: We will drill the coast, the pollution will go to Croatia either way

- The drilling of the Adriatic sea will be done with the latest technology which almost excludes the possibility of ecological incident - claims the president of Montenegro tourist association Zarko Radulovic

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The stories about oil searching in the area of their territorial waters in Adriatic sea ignited in Montenegro, and only after few individuals complained about that because of the fear of ecologic contamination, Montenegro officials say that their coast is not endangered, but Croatian is.
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- If we talk about the ecological threat, Southern Dalmatia would be much more affected than Montenegro, because the wells are located exactly where sea current is flowing, which is quite strong and going from Albania next Montenegro to Croatia. Thus, if there are any environmental problems it would be much more damaging to Croatia than Montenegro, who would not even feel it- said President of the Montenegrin tourist association Zarko Radulovic, reports B92, and transmits dnevnik.hr.
That is his argument for drilling in the territorial waters of the Adriatic Montenegro.
- The drilling of the Adriatic sea will be done with the latest technology which almost excludes the possibility of ecological incident. Also I know that the discovery of oil and gas would mean a lot for Montenegro and for the people of Montenegro - claims the president of Montenegro tourist association Zarko Radulovic.
Foto: Promo

Foto: Promo

Montenegrin NGOs and environmental experts say that Montenegro signed a "death sentence" and that in this manner they will shut down tourism.
After these Radulovic worlds an avalanche of comments started:
- It is neither Croatia nor Montenegro, but the Adriatic Sea, which will be destroyed by you nitwits for a hand of bribe and corruption! - wrote a reader.
- And then Dalmatians sue Montenegro for ecologic incident. It would be cheaper if the oil stays in the ground - other reader.
- Nothing will happen, and if it does it will either way go to Croatia. What Neanderthals are born in these areas - another reader.
- Now we feel better because Croatia will have it worse than us... - one of the numerous comments.
In mid-September, representatives of the Montenegrin government and Italian-Russian consortium Eni and Novatek signed a concession agreement for oil and gas exploration in Montenegro. The concession runs for 30 years and refers to the four blocks in the far south of the Montenegrin seabed in the vicinity of Ulcinj, on the border with Albania.
Foto: Wikipedia/Janusz Recław

Foto: Wikipedia/Janusz Recław

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic rated it as a great event for the country.
- By signing this agreement the way for hydrocarbon exploration has been opened and we've been waiting for centuries for it - he said.
According to the law adopted by the Parliament, the tax on hydrocarbons is 59 percent, of which 20 percent will go to the state budget, and the rest in a special fund for hydrocarbons.
On the eve of the signing of the contract, environmental activists from Montenegro, Croatia and Italy protested in the port city of Bar, claiming that this imposed a death sentence Montenegrin coastal tourism.
(Telegraf.co.uk / source : dvevnik.hr)

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