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SPECTACULAR ROBBERY: Thieves stole 100.000 euros in Zagreb from under the Police's noses!

They shouted: "This is a robbery, give us the money!"

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Three masked robbers entered the premises of Zagreb Holding somewhat before 18:30 yesterday and stole greater amount of money.

Serb robed a jeweler, and then took a picture with the jewelry and cash, and then he made a cardinal mistake (PHOTO)

According to unofficial information the thieves broke into the premises of the Center for users, where citizens normally pay bills for Holding services. There were a few security guards and parties. The robbers threatened with a gun and ordered them to lie on the floor. They shouted: "This is a robbery, give us the money!"

Faces of robbers were covered with scarves, and had bright jackets, robbers then headed towards two box office from which they took cash, approximately 100,000 euros (800,000 million kuna), reports 24sata.hr.

It all happened in few minutes, and the robbers ran away from the Holding building where they probably had an escape car waiting for them. Thieves were recorded by security camera above the ATM on the entrance to the building. 

According to the unofficial information Zagreb Holding gathers more than a million kuna daily through cash payments in the Center for users which is guarded by the workers of Security company "Freight Terminals". They are unarmed, and room doesn't have video surveillance nor any other way of technical protection. Duo to the situation, there have been warnings to the responsible in Holding, but they were neglected.

Even though there are still no information about police investigation, it is obvious that the robbery was planned in detail, and the fact that the Police headquarters Trnje, The Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA), Ministry of Internal affairs and first Police Station on Zrinjevac are settled just a few hundred meters from the Center only testifies to impudence of the thieves.

It is interesting that the robbery was done half an hour before the normal police shifts.



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