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STUDENT: Montenegro is Serbian. TEACHER: Sit down, you failed!

Racic, tell me something about making of Montenegro? - Montenegro is a first Serbian country which was first called... - Wait, wait, wait, where is that in the book? - Nowhere, i learned that in my home, everybody knows that. - Sit down, you failed

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Rade Racic (13) seventh grade student in Podgorica, got an F from history when he started answering the question about the start of Montenegro with the sentence that Montenegro is Serbian country.  


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- That is precisely what happened. Namely, it will be the first case in history of local education system that student gets a negative mark for teacher's lack of knowledge - said for "Blic" the father of small Rade, Veljko Racic.


The story goes like this:


- "Racic, tell me something about making of Montenegro?"


- "Montenegro is a first Serbian country which was first called..." 


The teacher then stopped him and shouted:


- "Wait, wait, wait, where is that in the book?" 


Rade answered to the teacher:


- "Nowhere teacher, i learned that in my home, everybody knows that" - and the teacher said:


- "Sit down, you failed!"


Velko Racic adds that neither him, nor the wife criticized Rade. His mom even bought new sneakers for him. He advises parents to guard their children and to educate them steadily in the spirit of traditional values and fundamental commitments.


When my son brought home an F, as a member of the most endangered ethnic group in Europe, which Serbian community in Montenegro really is, we felt very sad, without any feeling of hatred or malice. Montenegro has been living through its darkest hours in the past 100 years, and that is confirmed daily in many various cases - said Veljko.


Foto: Wikipedia/Nije bitno

Foto: Wikipedia/Nije bitno


Little Rade said that most of the friends stood up and applauded him, and the teacher was shocked, resigned and angry...


- Rade felt bad, but said that he doesn't quit from true historical fact that Montenegro is a Serbian country. Discrimination of Serbs in every way is nothing new. This, of course, is not well for the country that pleads some wide integrations, and it is wrongful towards the third of Montenegro citizens. But, like the old saying goes: "We are destined to carry the cross, terrible fights with our own and others" - concludes Racic.


(Telegraf.co.uk / Blic)

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