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We listened to her blithering about Serbs for half an hour and NOTHING: Indeks against Kolinda, shots fired

The second half of the show was "Serbs, Serbs, Serbs, Serbs, Serbs, Serbs, Serbs, Serbs, Tito", reports portal Indeks

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Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic was a guest in a talk show "Behind the curtains". Portal indeks.hr writes that her appearance can be summed up in one word - "nothing".


Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic: There are no Ustashas, nor fascism in Croatia, unlike Serbia


As "Indeks" writes, the president was a guest to Tihomir Dujmovic, and she is "everything" to him.


- For the former columnist of ustasha oriented Dnevno.hr, and current host of the show on Croatian Radio Television (HRT), Kolinda is - everything. She is "simply superior" woman that ended "long, dark night which lasted 15 years". She is for Dujmovic "guarantor that no one will have to dig through trashcans searching for food anymore", and her statesman guard "hasn't been seen yet, wrote in one of his texts lovesick Tihomir. In short, she is greater than the Beatles for Dujmovic, yes, he compared her to Beatles - reports "Indeks".


It is added in the text that it is fascinating how much "nothing" viewers received.


Printskrin: HRT

Printskrin: HRT


- At the beginning the main topic was her trip to USA. Actually, before that, the president decided to congratulate the New Year to everybody. Some evil men would say it is closer to the one that is celebrated according to the Julian calendar. For the next twenty minutes Kolinda was like a Top Shop comertical. She kept repeating the things that sound good, but we heard absolutely nothing useful - written in the text.


The second half of the show was "Serbs, Serbs, Serbs, Serbs, Serbs, Serbs, Serbs, Serbs,  Tito".


- The second part of the show Dujmovic and Kolinda were blithering only about - SerbiaSerbia this, Serbia that, Serbian president, Serbian MIGs, Republika Srpska, Serbian threats, Russia and Serbia, Serbs who plant ustasha snakes under Croats - Kolinda and Tihomir, like two 45 year-old retired people with beer in their hands, in front of the store in Drnis, talked all the time about Serbia just like its the Croatian version of Mordor across Danube - as if Croatia has no problems of its own - reports Indeks.


 Kolinda after that briefly talked about Plenkovic, Petrovic, and then "it was Tito's turn", speaking about the names of the streets, and saying that she will leave that to local authorities. 


- And the Entertainment program show we watched in 2017, where we listened about Serbs for more than half an hour, came to an end - writes "Indeks".



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