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The most beautiful news of today: Milos is the bravest Serbian baby - he is only 5 months old and he is beating tumor!

Milos is the bravest baby suffering from cancer. Fortunately for him, it seems that his suffering will come to an end soon

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Milos Kovacic, from Stari Becej is only five months old, and he already survived real Calvary. He has been diagnosed with a tumor in the neck area nine centimeters long, which was going down towards his chest.

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Milos is the youngest baby ever to suffer from cancer.

Fortunately for him, it seems that his suffering will come to an end soon. 

Dragana Drazic, the mother of the sick hero, said that two and a half months of fear are finally over.

Even thought they told us a month ago that we practically cured the tumor, we had to wait for these resultsFrom the beginning we believed that everything will be fine, but the uncertainty and fear ate us alive. They told us that the results will be in two weeks, but they were late for two months, i had all sorts of things on my mind - said Dragana.

- When they told me that we beat tumor, i started crying. This time they were the tears of joy. After two months we got out of the hospital, we continued with chemotherapy, he got his fourth treatment - said the mother of this boy.

They spent the holidays with the family, and his sister Ivana (9) is happy to see his brother at home.

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