Teme: Cancer

The consequences of the bombing of Serbia: "Children born between 1999 and 2015 are vulnerable to malignant diseases"

Martina (35) lost her breast, and she is receiving terrible threats: "The Czechs love women with a bigger bust"

Sensational discovery: A "living medicine" for cancer and leukemia is coming, the famous Serbian doctor is bringing great news from America (VIDEO)

She is selflessly fighting for patients who are sick with rare diseases: There are around 500.000 of them in Serbia alone and the incorrect diagnosis is the burning issue

Cuban doctors are miracle workers in Belgrade: The prolong the life of cancer patients, they save the terminally ill people, they increase the percent of cured children (PHOTO)

Jovana (13) is the dearest little girl: She cut her long, beautiful hair and she showed that she has the greatest heart (PHOTO)

Little ones gave up from their excursion so their friend could get better: Brave little Petar is fighting a dangerous malign sickness

Could this Palestinian businessman take center stage in politics?

Serbs in the top list in the size of the tumors: We carry up to 30 kilos of cancer in our stomachs (VIDEO)

He played handball for the junior national team, and he left Serbia after the bombing and discovered the drug for cancer: Scientist Vladimir Cmiljanovic for Telegraf

Stefan (20) has been fighting for his life for 2 years: He has leukemia and he is in great pain, he needs our help to defeat this dangerous sickness (PHOTO)

An Italian colonel in Kosovo suffered from a giant tumor and proved that the disease was a result of radiation

Aleksandra was just 21 when the doctors gave her only one more month to live: One decade later, this brave girl reveals why she lived (PHOTO)

Dr. Nada Basara: Cannabis and Methadone, cure or misconceptions? The human body is programmed to live 150 years! When will we find a cure for cancer? (VIDEO)

Our children are mostly dying from these types of cancer: If you notice at least one sign like this, go to the doctor immediately! (GRAPHICS)

Doctor Dzodic claims: Cancer risk can be reduced by 30 percent, and here's how

Igor is a top expert, he lives and works in Toronto and he has an important message for the entire humanity: Cure for lung cancer is ready!

New disturbing data comes from Italy: 348 soldiers died from depleted uranium on Kosovo and Metohija

I had four surgeries because of cancer, and I told my family I was going on a tour... The saddest confession of Serbian singer about the greatest fight of her life

A dramatic discovery about cancer by one of the most famous doctors from Cuba: A great disaster is upon us! (PHOTO)

BREAST CANCER WON'T BE SURGICALLY REMOVED ANYMORE? A revolutionary vaccine and a pill will kill the tumor cells

The Chinese are making a movie about bombing of Serbia: They are documenting the evil left by depleted uranium

Fake doctor from Serbia is cheating people who suffer from cancer: He is taking thousands of euros, and gives them advises from YouTube (PHOTO)

American journalist against NATO: They were never punished for the murder of children and 15 tons of depleted uranium, Serbs have been waiting for justice for 18 years (VIDEO)

Bravo for the best Serbian doctors: They took a lung through a 3 cm incision!

I want death, i am sick of life: Gala (child-butterfly) wrote a shocking poem. Now her mother is sick with cancer as well

Famous doctor reveals: Women with larger breasts more often get breast cancer

Serbian scientist claims to have a cure for cancer: Zeljko examines new methods in the fight against serious disease

THEY TOLD ME "KID, YOU HAVE CANCER": Today i have a little daughter and 100 kilos of muscles. This is a STORY of my FIGHT!

Doctor Djokic is the best in the world, guardian angel of children suffering from cancer: All kids are winners, and they get diploma as a prize