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Red Star answered about the tank and with a single photo silenced Croatians who want their expulsion from the Euroleague (PHOTO)

Red-and-whites stress that Delije's choreography has nothing to do with politics

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Delije's (Red Star fans) choreography on the game between Red Star and Panathinaikos B.C. caused harsh reaction from Croatia, where certain media even demand for red-and-whites to be removed from Euroleague, and the reason is, as they say, "provoking with the tank from Vukovar".

THEY WENT DOWN IN HISTORY! Red Star broke Euroleague record! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Red Star answered immediately and said that tank on the Delije stands has nothing to do with politics, that it is a common slogan among Red Star. Also, the director of the club Davor Ristovic emphasizes that the slogan is attached to the tank from a nearby museum and in that favor, the photos were submitted from the past with the Red Star basketball player posing with a tank..

Foto: Kkcrvenazvezda.rs

Foto: Kkcrvenazvezda.rs

- We are utterly against any kind of political connotation relating to certain slogans after another great victory of our club in Euroleague. Red-and-white tank has nothing to do with politics, but it relates to the common slogan "Star's machine is working" and there were that kind of posters in the past games of Euroleague, and on other competitions from our Serbian company, and they were not taken as provocation.

- Slogan is also connected to the tank from a nearby museum, alluding that the tank is in motion even though it stands as a showpiece on Kalemegdan fortress. We don't want to deal with things that has nothing to do with the court, games, basketball, Euroleague and Red Star anymore - said Davor Ristovic.

Watch the video of choreography that caused this kind of reaction:


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