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Storks have returned: Prvoje arrived first and sat down on the utility pole in Petar Drapsin street (PHOTO)

The locals of village Taras are preparing for the official welcome of storks for 11. March

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White male stork named Prvoje was traditionally first to return to his village Taras, and it is believed that he announced the arrival of spring and prosperous year!


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Officially, it is his fifth year in a row that he is coming first to his nest on the Utility pole in Petar Drapsin street, in front of the house number three. It is official,  as an association of citizens "Taraske rode" takes a detailed monitoring of white storks, while older residents of say that he was the first in the village for more than a decade, writes Vecernje novosti.


International census from 2014 confirms that storks love this place in Banat, in Zrednjanin county.


Society for Protection and Study of Birds in Serbia found that Taras has the largest number of breeding pairs of this protected species - as many as 40!


German Foundation "Euronatur," which deals with the protection of nature, awarded Taras with recognition and special status "European Stork Village 2015" because of the largest number of white storks and implemented protection.


Foto -Ilustracija: Pixabay

Foto -Ilustracija: Pixabay


The locals of village Taras are preparing for the official welcome of storks for 11. March.


- The children are the most happy for them, they will show their love for these winged beauties with series of commemorative events and creative workshopssaid Aleksandra Marovac Cucic, from the association "Taraske Rode", which contributed for the village to find its place on the ornithological map.



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