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Sad story of the bravest boy ever: Spomenko died 24 years ago while he was carrying food (VIDEO)

Spomenko got a nickname in war Little Obilic, not because of years, but because he carried dead and wounded from the front lines

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Its been 24 years (1993) since Spomenko Gostic died, the youngest decorated fighter in the Army of Republika Spska in Bosnian War. He died when he was 15 years old when Muslim forces attacked mountain Ozren, and he was decorated for his services with a Medal of Merit. 


Not to be forgotten: 13 years since the terrible pogrom of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija


Born on 14. August 1978 in Doboj, and 14 years later a war broke out, he joined the ranks of the Army of Republika Srpska. Soon he was deployed to the front line where he fought bravely and was wounded many times.


Spomenko got a nickname in war Little Obilic, not because of years, but because he carried dead and wounded from the front lines under the rain of bullets and grenades.


When he joined the Army of Republika Srpska, he was assigned as courier, but not of any kind. Spomenko brought food for soldiers on the front line. Photographer Tomislav Peternek still remembers the moment when he immortalized this little hero.


- I remember him as a baby face boy, coming my way with a cart. I looked at him and he smoked, he was really smoking and carrying a large bag full of food. When he saw the camera he, and his fellow fighters joked that he will go down in history now - said Peternek for Kurir.


One year later, little Spomenko was in war when he was wounded in a Muslim offensive on mountain Ozren. He succumbed to his injuries and was buried with killed comrades in the village cemetery in Jovici.


After the war, the village Jovici were attached to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so his former comrades asked for relocation of the remains on the Srpska territory. That plan was still not realized, and in some cities of Republika Srpska there are initiatives to name the streets by Spomenko Gostic.



Rarely anyone knows that Spomenko refused an offer to go away from war to live in some other country with carefree life, until his country gets freedom and peace.


Spomenko had a father, but he didn't know that. He denounced him when he was four. And he is now receiving pension on behalf his late son.


2014., on the day he died, the monument was revealed in Doboj dedicated to this young hero. 



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