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Fans of Serbia headed for Macedonia: Red Star supporters and United Force first arrived in Skopje

Group of fans of the Belgrade team, but also a small number of "Radovaca", are supporting Serbs and Macedonians in the case of Albanian impact

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Political crisis in Macedonia, which culminated on Thursday evening when supporters of VMRO DPMNE crashed the Assembly, could grow into something that could cause tectonic disturbances in the region. Situation in Skopje is currently under control, at least some control, although, no one knows with certainty what could happen in the following days: easing of tensions or new wave of violence. 


POLICE WAS WITH THE PEOPLE: Moment that illustrates how the entire Macedonia rose to its feet (VIDEO)


The tense developments in Macedonia are followed with great attention from Serbia, and support arrived for Serbs and Macedonians in the case of Albanian impact.


That is a group of Red Star fans, around fifty of the most daring Delije (Red Star supporters), those who were self-organized the same night when the riots started, and they are on the scene waiting for the future development of situation.


Delije responded to the call from Serbs from Macedonia and from certain fan groups without much thinking, and they headed to the crisis area.


Next to Red Star fans, small group of FC Rad were at the moment in Skopje, with the same goal - repel the eventual Albanian attack. Also, the fans of Vardar are on standby as well.


Foto: A. Nalbantjan

Foto: A. Nalbantjan


We found out that Delije from Zvecani will soon join these group, while there is a theory that some supporters of Zenit and Saint Petersburg will arrive to Macedonian capital. It is known how much they respect Serbian and Serbian people and they participate in humanitarian actions for Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija. Of course, there are options that some ultra groups from Serbia go towards Skopje.


Let is recall, the violence in Skopje occurred after the parliamentary majority, which is supported by two Albanian parties DUI and Besa, together with Zoran Zaev, elected Albanian Xhaferi as a President of the Assembly.


The part of the Macedonian people, who were gathered around people's initiative "Together for Macedonia" and protested for 50 days demanding reopening of elections and who are against the government of SDSM and Albanians, were revolted with the Xhaferi election and they stormed the Parliament.



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