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Unprecedented situation: Watch how stadiums of Partizan and Red Star look like when they make fireworks at the same time (VIDEO)

An incredible scene was recorded from a building outside both stadiums, with the perfect view on the buildings of eternal rivals

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In extremely rare situations you can see Partizan and Red Star playing in the same time on their stadiums, but because of the propositions of the Superleague, it had to be like that in the last round. Thus, Grobari (Partizan supporters) celebrated their 27 champion title and thus equated with eternal rival with the number of titles won.

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On the other hand, 11.820 visitors came to "defend the honor" of Red Star and Marakana, and Delije (Red Star supporters) filled their stands and created an atmosphere that looked like as if their team was not in such a bad position.

Delije and Grobari had their own fireworks show, and it is incredible that both of them set a massive number of torches on fire in the same time. And one citizen, from the top of his building which has a view on both stadiums took a picture of lit stadiums of Red Star and Partizan from a far, with a smoke rising from the torches supporters set on fire.

Watch how it all looked like:


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