Radosav the Policeman received 1.000 euros more than he was supposed to. He did something entirely (UN)EXPECTED

Sekulic said that he sees nothing unusual in that gesture and that he was thinking about the worker

Radosav Sekulic, the acting commander of the Police station in Sekovici, returned 1.000 euros to the bank which he was given by mistake by bank workers. 

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Miljan Bobar, the spokesman of the Police station Zvornik, said that it all happened in the branch of Nova Banka in Zvornik.

He explained that the clerk, when paying the money, paid 1,000 euros more to the client than the listed amount for payment. Neither the worker nor the police officer noticed at first considering that the money was packed in the envelope.

- When he got out of the bank, he counted the money in the envelope and noticed that 1.000 euros were paid more than he wanted. He returned that amount of money to the bank right away, and the administration of Nova Banka informed us about that today - said Bobar.

Foto: Profimedia

Sekulic said that he sees nothing unusual in that gesture.

- When I saw the extra money I immediately thought about the worker, who would certainly bear the consequences due to her unintentional mistake, which can happen to anyone - said Sekulic, reported by Srna agency.


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