Tema: Police officer

A man was shooting in Nis. He was on a probation: If the policeman hadn't stopped him, we would've had a massacre

A happy ending of a story of a baby which was found in a garbage container the last day of 2017: The mother left her in garbage, and she got a new home now

The brave little girl didn't cry, and she was thrown in a trashcan! Confession of the police officers who found a baby in the New Year's night (VIDEO)

A cry of a baby was heard from a garbage container in Sarajevo few hours before the New Year: A newborn was found wrapped in a towel

Do you know the feeling when 2.000 angry people start charging at you because their f*cking club lost from the stronger one? Confession of the police officer Tanja who had enough of it

A policeman was killed near Pozarevac: A man shot him multiple times with an automatic rifle during arrest

They called him the monster from Zemun Polje - Swine, he was cruel and he threatened everyone: He threw his lover out of the car and shot her in the head

American woman raged in Zagreb: She attacked the policeman with a knife, and she terrorized the students and professors on Faculty of Philology

Inja is a police officers and criminals are afraid of her, Jadran is a bodybuilder and he works in a kindergarten: Together they have 220 kg and spend 1.200 euros per month on food (PHOTO)

A brutal video of a wounding of a police officer in Novi Pazar: They were sitting only a few meters away, and no one helped him.

Radosav the Policeman received 1.000 euros more than he was supposed to. He did something entirely (UN)EXPECTED

Bosnian police officers stopped Croat because he was speeding. Soon after he died in the street!

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