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Lost-found, and then returned: Neven found Manuel, the owner of the lost money - he knew the answer to all questions (PHOTO)

The honest finder praised with the "catch"

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When he found a larger amount of money near the Jarun market, Neven Runcic decided to find the real owner. He started the search over social networks, and the only "catch" was for the owner to say what was the exact amount of money, writes jutarnji.hr.

They stole "Golf" from a Bosnian, and they returned it after a month: He opened the trunk in disbelief, and he found a lot of stuff inside (PHOTO)

The honest finder praised with the "catch" and he thanked all friends for helping him.

- LOST - FOUND - RETURNED! The lucky man said that the Facebook page "Zdravo za gotovo" started the search and it was shared by all internet portals - Jutarnji, Vecernji.hr, Index.hr, Zegreb.info, 24sata, Net.hr, 100posto, Nacional.hr... RTL.hr tv house, and radio stations, and his family heard it on the Radio Kaj, and the boss read it on the Internet! That is why we thank everybody and the media who shared the news!, written in the post that appeared on the page "Zdravo za gotovo".


How do we know that it's really him?, written in the post, and the short message sent by the young man who lost the money.

- I have been returning from work yesterday around 17:00 h. I work in a restaurant on Jarun. I noticed that my money was missing. I returned the same way, but the money was gone. There was a 1 note of 200 kunas, 9 notes of 100 kunas and one note of 50 kunas. I am very grateful for the man who found it and I hope I will get my money back. Thanks - Lp Manuel, they published.


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