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Everybody evolved from monkeys, just Serbs from wolves: It was explained why is this bloodthirsty animal connected to our people

The temper of the wolf itself is what connects the Serbs with this animal

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According to Veselin Cajkanovic, the historian of religion, the origin of every nation is closely connected with an animal, and in a certain sense equated with it. For a Serb, it is believed to be a wolf, so this animal is taken for a mythical relative and representative of the Serbian people.

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Namely, at one time it was forbidden to kill the wolf. The peasant could defend himself from him, but he was not allowed to kill him. This led to the fact that the wolves increased so much in one village, that the authorities were forced to react, so they gave poison to the villagers to kill the wolves.

However, everybody refused to do that, the temper of the wolf itself is what connects the Serbs with this animal. Famous Serbian proverb "A wolf changes his hair, but never his character" is a proof that his moral character remains the same.

The wolf personifies one human power which is very complex and very diverse, it's most striking feature is the innate need for freedom, as the basic condition of life.

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It is impossible to tame a wolf, to make him dependable or obedient, as his far cousin the dog. It is not possible because it is much smarter. A Strong feeling of respect and pride is connected to that freedom, without comparison among animals, like with most people. Ethics is the same as intelligence.

The wolf doesn't make a compromise when he sees that his ethics or nature are being betrayed.

Many rituals are dedicated to the wolf in our tradition and culture.

Foto: Nova Makedonija

The wolves were often presented by wolfmen, they would gather usually around Christmas in villages. They carried the skin of a wolf stuffed with straw, some even wore it as a cape. They went from one household to another, they would sing songs and gather gifts. This custom is preserved to this day in some parts of East Serbia.

The bone, tooth or skin of the dead wolf was taken as a lucky charm and it was carried as protection from impure or dark forces.

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