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Grandma Vanga's frightening predictions for 2018: There will be 3 major events in the world!

Another major change that will happen next year is that the orbit of the planet Earth will change

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Every year, in almost all the world's media, one can read what we can expect regarding politics, but also about natural disasters. The predictions said by famous Grandma Vanga are still famous. She is well known around the region, but also around the world, and many of her predictions came true.

Serbia should have a part of the universe for itself: Anja is studying cosmic rights and she is fighting for the agency that will launch our country into the top of the world (PHOTO)

Grandma Vanga predicted that China will become a world superpower and that they will be the most powerful country in the world.

This could bear great changes to the world political scene. That would mean that Russia and the USA won't be such a big players, which is the case now.

The new situation could be beneficial to other countries that are on good terms with China. Those are North Korea, but also our country, which has many years of friendship with this country.

Foto: Tanjug/AP, spiritzing.com

Grandma Vanga also foresaw that developing countries won't be exploited by anymore from the next year, but themselves will become exploiters. 

Another major change that will happen next year is that the orbit of the planet Earth will change. It will not be noticeable in the beginning but as the time goes by, it will be.

Foto: Tanjug / AP

Who is Grandma Vanga? 

Vangelija Dimitrova, maiden name Pandeva, married Gusterova, later just Grandma Vanga (Baba Vanga), was born on 3rd October 1911 in Strumica. She spent her childhood in poverty. .After the death of her mother, she lived with her father as a three-year-old girl in even harder conditions. Her father married again later so little Vangelia got three more brothers and sisters.

In the end of 1923, her family moves to the Novo Selo. When she was 12 her life changed from her roots. One day, while she was playing with her brothers near the house, a strong wind picked her up and then dragged her across the ground. The locals found her few meters away, covered in dust, rocks, and with her eyes filled with sand. She became blind from that strange event and later she discovered that she can tell fortune.

Foto: Wikimedia/Подпоручикъ

The predictions of Vanga were recorded by her associates and her astonishing predictions are saved to this day. Vanga foresaw Perestroika and SSSR, the death of Princess Diana, and the beginning of the World War II, the break of Yugoslavia, conflicts in Georgia, the start of the bad economic situation on our planet.

Vangelija Dimitrova died on 11th August 1996.


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