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The legend about old medieval city - Kurvingrad freezes the blood in your veins: A real treasure hides 11 km from Nis (PHOTO)

Only the legends remain about the oldest history of the city

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Medieval city Koprijan, known under the name Kurvingrad (Whore city), is located 11 km south from Nis (in the Doljevac municipality) in the village Klisura, on the edges of the mountain Salicevica above Juzna Morava river. We reveal how the city got its bad name.

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It was erected during the time of Prince Lazar, on the foundations of the Roman and Byzantine fortress. It is known from the inscription found in the building material brought by Turks that the city was built by Nenad, son of Bogdan in 1372,

The foundations of the church were found in the suburb below the city in 1933, built in Morava style.

Koprijan was taken and demolished by Sultan Musa during the fights for Turkish throne in 1413. After his defeat, Sultan Mehmed returned the city to Despot Stefan Lazarevic. Travel writer Amy Bue mentions it in the first half of the XIX century as ruins of Kurvinhan. The city was not thoroughly studied to this day.

Foto: Wikimedia


Only the http://www.telegraf.rs/teme/legend remain about the oldest history of the city, so there are no many material evidence about when it appeared for the first time or who founded it. Everything that we can say today happened between 1372 and 1444.

Foto: Wikimedia

The life in the city has gone by surrounded by siegesIt is believed that the bad name of the city comes from the time where a certain immoral lady from the city suburb of the city, used to lure the guards into opening the gates of the city while everybody else was asleep during sieges, or she would do that herself. 

Foto: Wikimedia

According to the other legend, which was even more vivid in the conscience of the people is that the city belonged to the princess, and the name Kurvin came because the princess seduces the priest from the city. In order for them to meet without problems, she ordered a canvas to be put between the church and the city, and she would walk over it. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Srbijanac.rs)


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