A shameful scene on the Ban Jelacic square in Zagreb: A poster with a picture of Praljak placed on the monument, and it says "HERO" (PHOTO)

A shameful poster has been placed on the square of Ban Jelacic in Zagreb for days with the picture of Slobodan Praljak (72), former commander of Croatian Defence Council. Citizens have been lighting candles every day. The poster says "HERO! General, thank you! Croatia won't forget you!" The generation of Renewal is organizing the honoring.

KOLINDA, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! Tourists will land on airport named after a WAR CRIMINAL

- We came to honor our general Slobodan Praljak and to show gratitude for everything he has done for us and the entire Croatian people - Frano Cirko, president of the Renewal Generation, briefly explained the reason for the gathering.

It is interesting that the day after Praljak's death, Facebook censored the post of the official page of Renewal Generation which said "Hero!" as well with the General Praljak, and the president Frano Cirko was blocked on Facebook for 30 days.

Foto: P. Filipović

With this, members of the group managed to bypass the censure in a way.

Let's recall, Praljak committed suicide last Wednesday in the Hague courtroom. He shouted that he was not a war criminal and that he rejects the verdict of the Hague Tribunal. After that, he drank poison and he passed away in a hospital. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.


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