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Milica has left her job so she can dedicate herself to cattle and to making cheese which people eat all the way to Africa: This is her answer to the "stars" (PHOTO)

She wakes up every morning before dawn and she works all day. Cattle don't know for weekend or for holidays, and so Milica doesn't know about vacations

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Milica Ljubanic (36) is working on a family cow farm with her husband Sinisa and she is making cheese. Its quality is well known. She works at least 8 hours a day in the barn, and then she prepares the cheese and does all other chores around the house. And she does that every day through the entire year. Her mother in law is helping her and her children Durdjina, Marija, and Milos, Macva press reports.

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She wakes up every morning before dawn, around five - five thirty. She has a lot of things to do and they are the same every day.

- We have around 70 cattle here - cows, heifers, bulls, calfs. We work at least 8 hours a day in the barn, four in the morning and four in the evening. The barn has to be cleaned, food has to be brought, cattle has to be fed, cows must be milked. Cattle don't know about the weekend or for holidays. Tha cattle has to be done first and then everything rest.

When they finish they work around the barn, there are other scheduled or unscheduled jobs - preparing food for the cattle, children, household maintenance and everyday milk preparation.

Foto: macvapress.rs

- Now I have to sit on a tractor and to go for hey or for food for the livestock. Besides that, there is always a lot of work around the house. Children are helping there, especially when they are on school break, and mother in law helps as well - said Milica.

Milica and Sinisa fell in love 17 years ago when she was almost 19. She used to work in the hairdresser's saloon for some time after school, and he worked in the agricultural pharmacy. They both had livestock, an average house property - a cow, few bulls and a pig, hens.

They left the jobs "from 7 to 3" and they agreed to devote themselves to cattle breeding. Milica follows him ever since. They first had few cows on their farm, and over time the number grew to 70.

Although she makes cheese for several hours a day, Milica doesn't eat cheese at all. She takes little to check the quality of it.

Their cheeses are well known in Viena, Paris, and in some far away countries of Africa. 

Foto: macvapress.rs

- It was hard to get the buyers. They used to buy small amounts to try it out. We used to measure up to 100 grams. Now, we can't make enough cheese. The price hasn't changed for years, 350 dinars, (around 3 euro) for one kilogram, for our and foreign markets - said mother in law Milanka.

Milica has chosen a difficult life, but she never regretted it, no matter that she rarely has a chance to rest. Although it's tiresome, Milica said that they are one happy family.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Macva press)

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