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Ivana (5) is the only girl in the mountain village, a daughter of a Serb and Albanian: She chops wood, cleans the barn and watches the cattle, and she has no friends (VIDEO)

The joint life of Albanians and Serbs in the mountain village of Kragujevac was crowned when they got daughter Ivana, which brought great joy to the whole village

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Little girl Ivana brought happiness to the to the mountain village of Visegrad, who became the favorite of the entire village. The last child born here, and in the neighboring 5 villages, was in 1985.

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She, her mom Valentina, who came from Skadar, and dad Mileta, have the family with most members in this village, according to the radio Slobodna Evropa. The village has a total of 14 residents, and there are mostly people over 65 years old.

Most of the houses in Kragujevac are empty, while there are those that have one resident. Like the most places on Balkans, young people have left the larger cities searching for better and easier life.

It takes 20 km to the nearest market, school, or ambulance from this village. 

Prinstkrin: Radio Slobodna Evropa

Mile Milicevic, Ivana's father, decided to move away when he was an older man. He lost his job in the police, and since he didn't want to work for 200 euros, he decided to return to his roots, into his village where he had a family house. He was not married.

- I decided to create a marriage and I searched for a wife in Albania, I've heard that a lot of guys married Albanians, that they are good wives, that they work and they respect family and tradition - said Mile.

They have been married for 8 years and they have a daughter Ivana, who is five.

Valentina fulfilled all Mile's expectations, although she knew nothing about him or the place she is going to. She was brought from Skadar region, and she has Montenegro origins. She accepted the life in Kragujevac and she learned the Serbian language.

Prinstkrin: Radio Slobodna Evropa

The joint life of Albanians and Serbs in the mountain village of Kragujevac was crowned when they got daughter Ivana, which brought great joy to the whole village.

- I am working with horses, I clean the barn, chop wood, give them hay and everything. I take care of the sheep. I have a lamb, one white and one black and white. I have chickens, five chicken. I have six sheep and lambs. I have goats. I have no friends, not one - said Ivana while holding the horse to drink water.

However, the joy Ivana gave to the locals will disappear on autumn when she starts going to school. She and her mother will rent an apartment during school days. That will be a completely new world for little Ivana.

Watch the video:

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: Radio Slobodna Evropa)

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