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Milos is 30 years old: He is the first great Yugoslav MIRACLE and the first - BABY FROM A TUBE (PHOTO)

Every third attempt of in vitro fertilization is successful in these days, but it was unimaginable three decades ago

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Entire Yugoslavia awaited the results of the "miracle of medicine" on that June 1987 when there was an attempt of in vitro fertilization. The eyes of the public were on the gynecological clinic "Narodni Front" in Belgrade where Slavica Trajkovic from Vranje waited for her first child conceived in a "test tube". 

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27th June 1987 was recorded in the history of medicine when Milos saw the light of the day. He brought happiness not only to his parents but also to the expert team who conducted the experiment.

Every third attempt of in vitro fertilization is successful in these days, but it was unimaginable three decades ago.

The first "tube baby" in Yugoslavia was born just 10 years after the first baby in the tube was born in the world. The first one was Louise Joy Brown from Bristol in 1978.

Although the doctors told her that "baby from a tube" is almost impossible, Slavica Trajkovic decided to have the experiment at any cost. After being treated for sterility for 14 years, she decided to give it a go. The treatment paid off, she got Milos, and then she got son Marko in a natural way.

Juna 1987. Miloš je bio glavna vest u SFRJ

My mother was a brave woman. The doctor said that only one attempt works out of a thousand, but she had a strong desire to leave the offspring. She decided to go all in. She spent all nine months in "Narodni Front" under the supervision of doctors. One year after my birth, she gave me a brother in a natural way - Milos said for "Politika".

He reminds that all the credits for that revolutionary procedure go to the late doctor Zeljko Zivainovic and doctor Milenko Prorocic, who specialized in vitro fertilization on Cambridge. He was the one who told Slavica that she was pregnant.

Milos found out that he was born in that way when he was the fourth grade of elementary school. He accidentally found articles from the newspapers his parents kept.

- I was out of my mind, I asked - what is this, why no one told me anything. I can't describe the feelings in that moment. It was a shock to me - Milos remembers.

Two and a half years ago, Milos and his wife Marina got a son Djordje in a natural way. Thinking about how he was conceived, Milos was afraid if everything will be all right.


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