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The footage of children playing in the middle of the street made the internet furious: If your mother saw what you were doing, they would beat you up (VIDEO)

The pot flew high into the air and it fell down to the ground with a loud clatter

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Children were playing, let them, better to be outside, to have something to do. Better than "staring" at a screen of a tablet or phone. We all did that when we were kids! - the comments for this video.

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One of the boys in the video, which was published by "Podgorica Vremeplov", set something on fire under the pot and he stepped away. When it blew up, the pot flew high into the air and it fell down to the ground with a loud clatter. 


Should we talk about the dangers? The act which was dangerous for the lives of the boys, and also for the property around them, because they "launched" the pot in the middle of the street. The New Year and Christmas are the part of the year when fireworks are used the most, but also the part of the year when it can be very dangerous. In this particular case, apart from the explosion, there is also fear that the pot will fall on someone's head.

As listed in the comments, carbide was used for this "experiment", a calcium and carbon compound that, in contact with water, produces extremely flammable and explosive gas, acetylene. 

Watch the video:


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