Americans in wonder: Why is Bobi, as the most efficient player in the history of NBA, sitting on the bench?

Serbian center at the top of the interesting statistics list

Statistics lists can often hide the real state of things, but when it comes to the performance of Boban Marjanovic in NBA, that is not the case. American media performed a comprehensive analysis of the scoring performance of the Serbian center from the moment he set foot in the strongest league in the world.

It was worth waiting for Novak's Christmas greeting: Sincerely from the heart! (PHOTO)

Although he started his first season in the jersey of San Antonio Spurs relatively good, he soon moved to the bench, and he couldn't fight his way for the higher minutes in the rooster of Gregg Popovich.

Moving to Detroit has woken the hope of Serbian fans that they will see more of Boby, however, that wasn't the case. Adjusting to the other playstyle is perhaps one of the reasons for fewer minutes on the court, but Marjanovic contributed with every minute he spent on the court and to his personal statistics. 

Precisely this was the reason for American journalists of the website FiveThirtyEight to deal with the subject "Why The Most Efficient Scorer In NBA History Is Stuck On The Bench?"

In the last game Marjanovic scored 15 points and had 10 rebounds for 22 minutes spent on the court and it is clear that he is using the minutes provided.

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- Boban Marjanovic is a scoring machine, but his struggle for playing time shows how much the league has changed. In the statistics-obsessed game, where the curve in shooting in measured, the step, the most efficient scorer in the modern history of NBA is stuck most of the game for the bench - stated in the text.

- Among players who’ve averaged 30 points per 100 possessions and played in at least 100 regular-season games, no player has been able to match Marjanovic in points per shot attempt

- Those who have come closest are either already in the Hall of Fame or likely will be one day - written in the analysis.

Ever since 1974 when people started recording statistics, there hasn't been a more efficient player than giant from Boljevac. Bobi is scoring 1.62 points per shot attempt which makes him the better player than Adrian Dantley, Charles Barkley, James Harden, Shaquille O'Neal. 

The data worthy of respect that speaks in favor of Marjanovic is that he had better performance with more minutes.

However, we are reaching the problem in the game of the center of Serbian national team, and that is defense.

What is determined as a "flaw" is his legs movement and stopping of high players with a good shot from half-distance. Also, weaker defense of pick and roll is said to be one of the bad things, as well as "lack of movement" out of the racket.

Former Marjanovic coach, legendary Gregg Popovich said that someone like Bobi would have much more success in some other era, with slower, "heavy" players, who spent a lot of time on the court. However, Popovic respects everything Bobi did so far, although he said that he has a lot of room to improve his game.

- You are what you are. Your job is to understand who those guys are. People say that players change. Some are more skilled, but their DNA is the same, their physical possibilities and the gift they received are the same. Some have less, some have more. You deal with that - Gregg Popovich said. 

Boban Marjanovic is scoring 6.1 points on average in this season, with 55.6% of shot realization, and he is contributing to the Pistons team with 2.3 rebounds for just eight minutes of play per game.


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