Canadian soldier found a boy from Bosnia whom he met during the war: He was thinking about him for 24 years, watching the photo of them together (PHOTO)

Soldier Justin Frye contacted Amir Bajramovic with whom he once took a picture together

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Canadian soldier Justin Frye served in a UNPROFOR unit in the war struck Bosnia, more precisely, in Visoko, where he met a little boy Amir. Soon they became friends, and 24 years later, thanks to the social networks and one journalist of the local portal, Frye contacted Amir with whom he has only one photo together. Now, they plan on meeting again. 

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I lived in Visoko, north-west of Sarajevo. Our camp's name was CANBAT 2. One of my responsibilities was securing the landing grounds for helicopters of UN. There were few houses near the landing zone, and each time when we secured it a little boy would come. Soon, I became friends with him, his name was Amir. I started bringing some candies to Amir. My mom would send things on mail for him, candies, pens, markers and a watch. I remember how excited he was for the watch - wrote Justin on Facebook since he found out that Amir was alive.

Canadian soldier thought about Bosnia and Herzegovina and about Amir quite often, as he said, and he became a symbol of that period of his life.

- I've kept the photo of him. I often thought about finding him and returning to Bosnia - he wrote on Facebook.

Luckily, Justin and Amir contacted each other over social networks, and it seems that they will meet each other again after 24 years, Dnevni Avaz writes.

Amir Bajramovic (32) is currently living in Sweden, he has a family and children. He also wrote about this on Facebook.


- The lives of Bosnians were filled with sadness, pain, and fear in 1994. At that time, when it was easier to cry than to laugh, one wonderful soldier and a man before everything did everything he could to keep a smile on a little boy's face. That boy is now 32 and he became a father, and he is teaching his children to be good people like Justin. It's not easy being a human during the war madness, where your life is in danger. But, that wasn't the problem for Justin! That is why we reconnected after 24 years. My dear friend, I wish a world of luck to you, to your mother, and to your entire family and thank you for everything you've done for me and for other children - he wrote on Facebook, tagging him and his mother along the way.

Look at the video what will the new Serbian soldier look like:


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