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Martina (35) lost her breast, and she is receiving terrible threats: "The Czechs love women with a bigger bust"

Croats watched the arrest of the bank robbers and they commented: "You piece of crap, a bullet to the head!"

Mayor harrassed his secretary. New details from the confession of the victim: His thugs dictated me to write that it was a joke, they told me "my life is on the line"

When reckless driving in Montenegro goes wrong: He leaned the car on the wall, and then he walked away (VIDEO)

Two women wrestled in the taxi in the middle of Belgrade: Hair was flying around, fists and panties all over the place, but the reaction of men caused a real disgust (VIDEO)

People of Split in wonder: A bizarre roundabout dawned in the center of the city and everybody is making fun of it (PHOTO)

We reveal what is the most important to President Vucic in the first day of the campaign "The Future of Serbia" (PHOTO)

Fake American soldiers tricked women from Croatia over Facebook: They promised life together, one of them lost 24.000 euros

She created Novak Djokovic out of cut hair on the floor of a hair salon (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A traffic light dangling by a thread confused the Montenegrins: It turns around after you to show that you drove through the red light (VIDEO)

A video as a warning that we have to be prepared every second: A woman looked at the shoes, and she was robbed the next moment (VIDEO)

Croatian bend reveals what are gay weddings like: The atmosphere is more casual, there are fewer customs, and we can barely wait for two brides (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Doctors filed a lawsuit against a mother who recorded them: She brought her child for examination and doctors refused to see her? (VIDEO)

Serb girls from Kosovo came to Belgrade to buy a wedding dress: When they got back to the car on a parking lot, they were petrified (PHOTO)

First, he wrote sick jokes about the late little Duki, and then his profile was deleted, and now he published a new message

"You will no longer arrest me": He stole a police car, and then he drove recklessly near Belgrade while he was live on Facebook (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Thaci, Haradinaj, and Pacolli as starlets in UN: They posted more than 160 photos and videos from the event they weren't even invited to (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A terrible provocation! Albanians came into the middle of Belgrade and you won't like what they have done (PHOTO)

Hackers made Serbs miserable who paid for their vacations over fake Greek websites, this is a way to safely make a reservation for your accommodation (PHOTO)

"The God is furious with Serbs. This is done to destroy the people and our line": He published a video of the storm and asked what was happening to us (VIDEO)

They made a commercial for glasses in Jasenovac camp: Croats found another way to make fun of the Ustasha's victims

A quarrel of the USA and Russian embassies in Croatia over the game: The American commentator began, and the Russians responded

A fight of men in the middle of a street in Zadar: The reaction of the people passing by is truly incredible (VIDEO)

The most famous snout in Bosnia: A pig instead of a turn signal (VIDEO)

Sasa is walking with a cross on his back from Rijeka to Zagreb: He is carrying it for all the children and all the parents of our "dear leaders of this people"

Bosnian saw an incredible scene on the road, and he made a serious traffic violation to record it! (VIDEO)

This is how a man from Dalmatia cleans snow in Baranja! (PHOTO)

Croats disturbed about a woman from Belgrade who posed nude in the church in Dubrovnik: "Father, forgive her, she doesn't know what she is doing" (PHOTO)

Skiing and Snowman in Ulcinj: Herceg Novi and Sveti Stefan became white, snow will continue to fall for the next few days

Stefan (16) taught a lesson to his generation with his essay: We becoming dumb with modern technology and we don't know how to live! (PHOTO)