Novak's hand is in bandages: New photo of Djokovic from Switzerland, it's not looking good (PHOTO)

There are still fears because of the new break

Novak Djokovic is on a new break after the Australian Open, and his hand is currently in bandages.

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Although Novak was recently in Prague for examinations, he traveled to Switzerland where it was evident that he has large bandages around his hand in one of his private photos.

He returned to Australian Open after six months of break after the elbow injury, and it was obvious that the games after the long break left its tool, so the great dilemma remains if he will go to have an elbow surgery.

It's still unknown if the break is before Novak or if he will go for a surgery, or if he will use different methods with doctors.

Watch Novak's statement after the elimination from the Australian Open, where he said what is going to happen next 


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