He scored 300 shots and the coach said enough! He looked at him and said "I am sorry, I am only counting the ones that DON'T touch the hoops", and kept shooting! (VIDEO)

A good lesson on character, will, and commitment to reach the goal

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An instructive story on how to become a champion. 

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Today's young athletes should read it and understand what should they do to reach the highest reaches. 

Our famous ace Predrag Danilovic knew that he had work ethics ever since he was a child which brought him to the top of the sport he played.

Training and the best coaches are no good if you are not giving your 100% and if you are not asking for more.

This is the story about the detail from the Predrag Danilovic career.

We are reporting the words of the famous fitness trainer Sead Krdzalic who prepared Danilovic for the NBA league and who told the story to Sportifico.rs.

- He was "the beast" in every sense, one of my most prepared players. He was totally committed to work, he never spoke during training, he just said at the end: "Coach was that alright? What was wrong? What will we do tomorrow? It was a pleasure working with him, young athletes should have role models like this.

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- He was especially interested in a period on Zlatibor where we did four training in a day. He got up early, he went around 7:30 to jogging - many didn't like that, but Danilovic insisted on doing so.

- Jogging lasts for 45 minutes - that is a kind of "waking up" of the organism, sweating, lung ventilation and muscle oxidation, plus, a lot of stretching. Zlatibor is an air spa, it is a sin not to use it because you create red blood cells more easily.

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- Then he goes to breakfast, and then the morning training around 10:15. It lasts for an hour and a half and he did running and jumping. Then the relaxing, massage, because the physiotherapist was constantly with us, and then the pool, etc. Then the lunch, rest, snack you wait in the bed.

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- We are going to the gym around 17, and then fruits. Around 20:00 we would go to Cajetina for shooting training since there were no halls on Zlatibor back then.

- I will never forget it - returning balls, counting to 300 scores and I say: "Sale, its done". And he just responds: "Oh, I am sorry, I didn't tell you, not 300 scores, but 300 that has to be perfect like a tear, I am counting only those." If it touches the hoops, that doesn't count... That is the best illustration of his level of commitment - Krdzalic said.

Take a look how helpful that was when Danilovic brought the title to Kinder when he scored three points with a foul, few seconds before the end:

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: Sportifico)

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