"Serbs inflicted the suffering upon themselves and they have to live with it": All the famous people who spoke that our people are the ones to blame for Kosovo and Bosnia

The communist regime, the war nineties, the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the conflict in Kosovo, are enough reasons that our country is labeled as "genocidal", "stupid", "murderers, bloodthirsty and rapists"

We have become accustomed to political clutter and criticism in the region, which, as a rule, ultimately falls on the people themselves. People of Serbia often don't quite often enjoy the positive image outside Balkan borders, but it is not surprising that some of the leading world celebrities step up in media and start talking nonsense about us. 

They can kill you in Serbia for 10 euros: "National Geographics" published a video from Sombor, and the terrible comments are the defeat of the entire nation (VIDEO)

The communist regime, the war nineties, the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the conflict in Kosovo, are enough reasons that our country and its entire people are labeled as "genocidal", "stupid", "murderers, bloodthirsty and rapists", so we are "culprits for the suffering we have endured ourselves".

These are just some examples of hate speech towards the Serbs, and the latest in a series comes from Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman.

During the filming of the show "The story about us", shown in the long-awaited serial of the National Geographic, he visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, more precisely, Sarajevo and Srebrenica.

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There he heard from the home, Bosnian journalists Senad Hadzifejzovic and his son that Serbs allegedly did genocide in Srebrenica over Muslims, and that everything was documented with videos and information about how Serbs are responsible for the war in these areas.

The actor is criticized that, instead of contacting the other side, he just asked: "What the hell happened here?". 

The location is again Sarajevo of the next world-famous man, the leader of the U2 band, Bono who also doesn't have a positive opinion on Serbs.

Actually, he has done so much for the Bosnian community that he even received a passport from them.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

The love began in Sarajevo in 1997, when Bono enlisted Sarajevo and the stadium Kosevo to the list of the grandiose "PopMart" tour of the U2 band, even at the price of losing around 500.000 pounds.

"In the Land of Blood and Honey". Angelina Jolie placed the main actors of her director debut into an unusual love story. The relationship of a Serb Danijel and a Muslim Alja is becoming complicated during the time of war in Bosnia when she got into notorious camp, which is said that it was being run by her ex-boyfriend Danijel. No one is getting out of the story alive, the Hollywood goddess said that she drew a huge point out of it.

Foto: Tanjug / AP

- The more I read about former Yugoslavia, the more it struck me. I was 17 when the conflict started and I didn't even realize how much I don't know. It was the war of my generation and the writing of the script for this movie was my way of learning about the war. Also, I started asking questions to myself that I didn't have an answer to - how can a man be so primitive and use force against women? I also wondered how can an International community turn their backs and let the crimes happen without punishing the criminals? How can yesterday's neighbors kill and rape each other with no guilt? - Angelina Jolie said, not mentioning the nationality of the culprits and victims.

American comedian Chelsea Handler got into the list of those who used the TV to mock Serbia in 2011.

After the concert of Amy Winehouse in Belgrade, after which the star died, she used the video of the "performance" to make a joke about Serbia and Serbs.

- I didn't even know that it was allowed to go to concerts in Serbia - she said surrounded by her guests, and not even Dragan Sutanovic was spared, who was the Minister of Defense and the comedian treated him with Bolshevik title.

Foto: Instagram/chelseahandler

German Nobel prize winner, Herta Muller showed justification for NATO bombing last year in Belgrade, at the book fair.

- I saw some things in movies on Kosovo when there were riots, and there were already some military actions. This country inflicted evil upon itself. Serbs inflicted suffering to themselves and they should live with that. That is why when I see how many people died in Ukraine I said that the people should be provided with guns so some victories can't be won so easily. What is happening out there is outrageous. How long does it have to last? Why is there NATO? - she asked.

She even added that she has the same opinion regarding war.

Foto: Tanjug/Filip Krainčić

- So much evil was inflicted on Kosovo and Bosnia by this hideous nationalism in which Serbian Orthodox Church took part. I didn't expect that and I was terrified of what was going on in Yugoslavia because it was an open country... We don't have to have the same opinion. I didn't want to enter into conflict with anybody. It would be rude if I said something that wasn't my opinion. I wish only the best to this country - Muller said at the end.

What do you think about this statements? Do you find them problematic? Or do you think that we are to blame for the ruined reputation?

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